Organisational Reporting

Report: Create, run and schedule reports based on your CRM data

Reporting helps your organisation to evaluate its impact and achieve its mission. Sometimes this is a requirement for funding bodies or other stakeholders.


  • The CiviCRM Report module has built in report templates which can be used to build custom reports

  • Reports are useful when you need to repeatedly ask the same question/s about your data

  • Use reports to gather information for internal reporting - eg Annual General Meeting, Board Members, other departments

  • Use them to report to external bodies - eg Stake holders, funding bodies, government departments

  • Create reports as print-friendly HTML

  • Export as CSV

  • Automate report delivery to specific recipients via email

  • Limit access of a particular report to a specific set of users


  • Reports are sometimes more flexible than searches and allow you to change what is displayed and the order in which it is displayed

  • You can choose to save, print, generate a PDF or export to CSV


  • You can set permissions to limit access to certain reports

  • People with permissions can add this report to their dashboard as a dashlet report

  • Dashlet reports are run each time the dashboard is loaded and therefore the user will see real time data and results